Restored – Transformed


Photos from a personal album that capture the extent to which this property has been given fresh life and personality.

From the moment you pass through the gate at 6 Webster Street Fryerstown and approach this home, set well back on the property, the sense that you have been transported to a European estate dominates.

Indeed, it all but beggars belief that the current owners were able to transform Gladwin and create this charming private universe here in the Central Goldfields. After lying in a state of ruin it was only their vision, passion, sheer hard work and attention to detail, which breathed life into every corner of this bewitchingly beautiful property.

To take in the detail one needs to take the time to explore the nooks and crannies. Observe the masonry, the window shutters, painstakingly made from recycled floorboards and the hand crafted paving leading from the the old school room, out past the towering Bunyan Tree. Savor the spacious stone room that has been the scene of so many happy gatherings and do make sure to sit for a moment and take in the detail of the terrace area.

This property really is a legacy, passed on with love.



From something that looked like an Etruscan Ruin emerged the Bocce Court. This court was actually built from scratch using local stone and has been the scene of much revelry.  As you approach the Bocce Court make sure to seek out the stone pizza oven and the caravan tucked out of view, which provides a fun space for guests to stay.

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