Reminiscenses of Fryerstown


Chat with the Owners

1. What aspects of life in Fryerstown have given you the most pleasure?

Fryerstown is a beautiful, tranquil hamlet that time seemed to forget. When the gold ran out the people left and after the World Wars many abandoned places fell into ruin. The home on our property was one of these. We came seeking a different type of gold. Fryerstown glows with golden leaves in autumn and here at Gladwin time has a way of standing still. This place is far removed from the bustle of nearby Castlemaine and, if you stop to listen it is the silence that is deafening. It is the peace and tranquility that we have loved.

2. How has Gladwin fed and nourished your creativity?

We feel that this is a place that time forgot. Lying off the beaten track we enjoy peace and tranquility that is hard to find in places where change is happening at break neck speed.

Living here we have enjoyed many hours undertaking creative pursuits and we have hosted many gatherings which have added to the energy of the place.

Our property has welcomed throngs of visitors who have had long lunches and dinners on the Terrace and in the Courtyard.

In winter we love to crank up the fire in the stone room and this has been the venue for many dinner parties and fun filled gatherings.

The Tuscan courtyard is our favourite haunt in summer and as the sun moves we move to the Terrace. Each space has its special time of the day.

Gladwin has enabled us to make something from next to nothing and realise a dream.

Fryerstown Antique Fair

Fryerstown was once home to more than 15,000 people (with 25 hotels and 5 breweries!) but now it is a tranquil retreat. The beautiful 1880 Court House, the Burke & Wills Institute and the bushland setting provide an interesting insight into its rich history.

Usually a sleepy town that keeps to itself, Fryerstown comes to life on the Australia day weekend every years as it plays host to the Fryerstown Annual Antique Fare. Antique traders and collectors flood the area every year, setting up stalls in normally empty and very dusty paddocks to display their wares in the largest fare of its kind in the country. Although you have to come early to snag a bargain and beat the heat, a fun day can be had for all.

1. Sacrifice nothing in this region. You’ll love the local café and restaurant scene. Coffee Basics, located in the old hospital, is a delicious option for quick catch up. Enjoy cake and coffee, or long relaxed lunches with friends at numerous eateries in Castlemaine, Maldon and Newstead. Experience the culture and history of this old goldfields area. Engage in the State Arts Festival. Visit local gardens for inspiration or simply head out bush walking along the Great Dividing Trail or along trails in the Muckleford State Forest.

2 Easily located in Central Victoria, the region is less than 90 minutes northwest of Melbourne this region and is served by a reliable, efficient, V/Line VLocity train service. Professionals have, for example, identified that they can enjoy a ‘tree change’ without losing access to professional networks, meetings, social events and professional development opportunities. 18 trains service Melbourne each day and the fare includes free zone 1& 2 travel and alleviates any need to find parking for the car.

3. Fryerstown has a rich history that harks back to the gold rushes of the 1800s. You’ll love waking up here every day to country sounds. You’ll feel part of the rich tapestry of the past that can be experienced in this region. And the added bonus is that the setting is lovely and the friendliness of the community is legendary.

4. In this region you will have access to all the best amenities and professionals as well as excellent government services, communications and transport infrastructure. You’ve got the best of everything right here so you won’t have to give up your city comforts.

5. Hear that? Neither do we. Shut out the noise of the city and raise your family the way you’ve always wanted to. The Mount Alexander region is the best place in regional Victoria to give your kids space to run around, climb trees and explore. They’ll be exhausted at the end of the day after all that fresh air. That peace and quiet is sounding good, isn’t it?

6. You don’t have to give up the best education when you leave the big city. Everything you need to provide your kids with first-rate education and community based lifestyle is all but on your doorstep. The Castlemaine Steiner school is a popular draw card for families with young children.

7. If you remember a time when your neighbours were like a part of your family you’ll know how much better life was. Life IS like this in this area! Studies have shown that people who know and trust their neighbours are more likely to report better health.

8. There is support here from womb to tomb. Castlemaine Health and cooperating service meet the requirements of all age groups.

9. Whatever your fields of interest you will find kindred spirits in one or more of the numerous clubs and activity groups.


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